Volunteer Opportunities
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Hone Your Leadership Skills

It is a well-known fact that the most powerful way to develop as a leader is to volunteer. PIHRA provides members with opportunities to hone their leadership skills through volunteerism in various functional areas at our 17 chapters and at the executive board level. Our leaders gain visibility in the community and the skills necessary to advance their career.

We have a variety of opportunities for you to choose from based on your preferred type of involvement and time commitment which can span of months or years. PIHRA needs you to continue to provide communities, professional development, and resources to advance human resource professionals.

Ways to Volunteer with PIHRA

PIHRA Conference Volunteer

There are opportunities to volunteer at large events that are hosted by PIHRA. For instance, there are opportunities to volunteer to at the California HR Conference that PIHRA hosts every August. There is an application process that typically begins in May/June. Please contact programs@pihra.org for more information on these types of opportunities.

Committee Position 

Typically, these are short term commitments serving on a committee with the PIHRA board or on the board of a PIHRA Chapter or as part of a group of people working within one of our specialty groups (i.e., PIHRA Young Professionals). As a committee volunteer, you will have an opportunity to contribute your expertise, strength and passion in an area that you select such as programs/professional development, membership recruitment or engagement, event coordination and sponsorship management.

Chapter Board Member

As a voting member of PIHRA, you are able to assume a formal officer position on the board of one of our 17 chapters. Each of our chapters have a full board which consists of the key positions listed below. These positions usually consist of a one year commitment, and the positions are appointed or elected by existing board members. The chair and vice chair positions of each of the chapter boards are selected through an election. The nominations for these positions begin in the Fall and elections occur in October. The additional board positions available are discussed during the October- December time frame at the chapter level. 

 Some positions that exist include:



The chair presides at all district meetings and communicates with each member of the District/Board committees during the month to ensure responsibilities are being handled effectively.


Vice Chair


The Vice Chairperson serves in the absence of the Chairperson that includes all of the Chairperson's responsibilities. The Vice Chairperson is responsible for closely monitoring the activities of the District's committees and assisting as needed in all areas.  




The secretary takes minutes of all District meetings and provides notice of meeting dates and times. Maintain the current administrative files of the District and historic files.




The treasurer is responsible for all aspects of the financial functions of the District including, issuing of payments, record keeping, collection of fees, creation of monthly financial documents and tracking and reporting of all credit card use.


Membership Development


Responsible for annual recruitment and retention efforts of the District, including the implementation of the ongoing campaign developed at the Association level.




Has the responsibility for the development of all district programs. Work closely with the district leadership and the PIHRA Home Office Programs Manager to ensure that relevant topics and speakers are selected for presentation.




This position is responsible for the selection of location for monthly meetings and coordinate menu selections.



The Sponsorship Chair is responsible for developing effective and affordable sponsorship opportunities and organizations to support the districts in their meeting and education efforts.



PIHRA Board of Directors

As a voting member of PIHRA, you can also decide to run for a position on the PIHRA Board of Directors. These positions are typically a two year commitment. Some of the roles that are available include:

  • President
  • President-Elect
  • VP, Finance
  • Secretary
  • Regional Representation

There are also standing committee chair positions that are available in Professional Development, Membership Development, Organizational Continuity, Legislative Affairs and Young Professionals.

To be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, the individual must be a current voting PIHRA member in good standing and have previously served or currently serving in any one of the following positions:

  • A voting member of the PIHRA Board
  • A voting member of a PIHRA Chapter Board
  • A member of a standing committee or an ad hoc committee of the Board of Directors

The board position nominations begin in the Spring and elections are in June. 

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