Managing Content
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There is a variety of "Content" that you can store and manage in your PIHRA Profile. This How To will review those content areas with you and show you how to add, edit, and manage this content.


You are able to Bookmark favorite and frequently visited pages on the PIHRA website. You can share your Bookmarks with your PIHRA member Connections or keep them private.

Add Favorites

To add a webpage to your Favorites just click on the star icon at the top of the page. When you click on the star it will ask you if you want to share it or keep it private and it will also offer you the option to place it in a Category.

Access Favorites

You can access your Favorites any time that you're logged in by clicking on the Favorites quick link on the right side of the page or if you are on your Profile Home page, click on the button at the top to access your Favorites.

Files and Links

You can save files and links to your Member Profile and manage them in this section. You may want to save something from the PIHRA Resource Library or a document from the website or anywhere.

Add Files and Links

To add a file or link:

  • Click on the Files and Links quick link on the right side of the page or in your Manage Profile section.
  • Click on Manage Files and Links link at the top.
  • Click on Add a New Item link at the top.
  • You can now define if the new item is a link or a file, name the file/link, determine if you want it to be private for your own use or make it public for other members to see/access, add a description of the item, and then use "Browse" to upload the item. 

Access Files and Links

Click on the Files and Links in your quick links on the right side of the page to access this area or in Manage Profile. Your Files and Links are also accessible in the button at the top of your Member Home page. You will see a listing of all of your files and links. Click on Manage Files and Links and you can open the files and links, edit and delete them.


You have the ability to create up to 2 Pages on your Profile Home page. You can include whatever content you'd like in these pages (keeping within PIHRA Policies).

Add a Page

You can add a page by clicking on the Pages link in the Manage Profile page.

  • Click on Add Page
  • Create a Title for the Page
  • Decide if you would like the Bookmark Widget added (this means that other members would have the ability to bookmark your page in their own Favorites)
  • Determine if you would like others to be able to Vote on your page (again, Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down which results in determining how many stars the page gets which is the Score)
  • Determine if you would like to incorporate an RSS Feed on the page (you may paste in the URL of any RSS 2.0/ATOM compliant XML feed. Your RSS/ATOM content will be displayed below any custom page content you have entered on the page)
  • Add your content in the text editor and click Submit


Access Pages

You and others can access your Pages by clicking on the Pages link at the top of your Profile Home page. You can manage and edit your pages in your Manage Profile page.

You can access or bookmark Favorite pages from your colleagues by going to their Profile Home page, selecting the Pages link at the top and viewing their pages. If they have included the bookmark widget, you can add their pages to your Favorites by clicking on the Star icon.

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