Bio & Preferences
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What is my Bio and how to I edit it?

Your Bio is located in the Manage Profile area. Your Bio contains the information about yourself that you entered in your original PIHRA Membership Application process or have recently updated during your Membership Renewal process. Much of your Bio information is available to be seen in the Member Directory, but you have the ability to control just how much of it is visible to the public and to other PIHRA members.

You have the ability to control the privacy for ALL of your data with PIHRA. To change the privacy settings on your data, just click on the "lock" icon to the left of the data field and select the desired privacy level. You may choose for example to have your phone number available to the public, but keep your email available to Members Only to avoid unwanted solicitations.

Please note that some of the fields will automatically be locked if they are administrative fields only. This data will never be seen by the public or by other members. If you're unable to change the setting, it is likely an administrative field. For example such things as your year of birth or how long you've been in recruitment are administrative only.

Please make sure you Bio is always up to date by reviewing the information upon membership renewal and at other times throughout the year.

How do I change my password?

  • Once signed in, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Manage Profile from the My Profile box
  • Select the Edit Bio option, you will be asked to enter the default password again for verification purposes
  • On the Edit My Member Profile page you can change your password and update your profile.

What are Preferences and how do I manage them?

You can manage your Preferences in the Preferences section of the Manage Profile area. This is where you'll determine what types of notifications and emails you'll receive for various types of events or processes.

You can turn notifications on and off for such things as receiving a new Connection invitation, when people join Groups that you're a member of, when you receive a new PIHRA message in your PIHRA inbox, displaying your "Online Now" status so that people can do a live chat with you, etc. Just simply check the "On/Off" box next to each item to determine which notifications you would like to receive.

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