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Explore the LEARN Catalog to review over 250 learning modules that members can now access. 

  PIHRA Learn includes the mandatory AB1825/SB 1343 sexual harassment training for supervisors and employees.  Comply and save your company thousands of dollars!

Click here to view a 2019 webinar that summarizes key aspects of the expanded PIHRA Workplace benefits powered by ThinkHR.


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PIHRA Comply
Thousands of forms, documents, tools, and checklists plus the up-to-date news you need to take the mystery out of the human resource practices


A team of HR experts standing by to answer your questions and provide guidance Monday-Friday, 6:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Pacific.  Call 855-306-6460 and provide required information for access.


Enterprise training solution to develop employees and ensure compliance.
To inquire about PIHRA Learn contact Courtney Franco at 925.225.1100 ext 229 or cfranco@thinhr.com

Build a Handbook
An employee handbook may not be required by law, but smart employers know it’s a best practice to increase efficiency, define expectations. and reduce exposure to lawsuits. This tool is available on PIHRA Comply. Click here to read more.

Create Job Descriptions
The Job Description Builder guides you through a step-by-step process for building meaningful job descriptions. The tool provides you with standard language from the federal O*NET database and is available on PIHRA Comply.


Please look out for PIHRA HR Briefing access in the future!

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Click here to read PIHRA's response to the Novel Coronavirus and access COVID-19 HR Resources.