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Is Your Company Supporting Working Mothers?

Monday, January 30, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Is Your Company Supporting Working Mothers?

In 2016, BreastfeedLA surveyed employers about their employee lactation accommodation policy. Here is what we found:

Did you know that providing time and space for a mother to express breast milk reduces a company’s health care costs? 87.2% of HR respondents knew that having lactation accommodations for employees produces cost savings for the company by lowering absentee rates and reducing health care costs for mothers and babies. This is a 10% increase in the number of HR professionals with this knowledge since 2013. Companies are listening!

Did you know that having a written policy on lactation accommodation in your workplace helps ensure continuity and minimizes risk of employee complaints and lawsuits? 62% of respondent’s companies have a written lactation accommodation policy in place. Our goal is 100%, but this is still a 20% increase over the number of companies that had a written policy in 2013, so we are heading the right direction.

Did you know that 1 out of 12 respondents reported that they thought that allowing a woman to express breast milk at work was a hardship for the company they represent? BreastfeedLA can help you successfully provide your employees lactation accommodations with little interruption to your typical workday.

Did you know approximately 50% of companies in the PIHRA membership allow additional paid breaks during which a mother can express breastmilk? Let’s make your company an employer of choice for hardworking mothers. Accommodating lactating mothers at work provides your company with workers higher in productivity and loyalty, and protects you from lawsuits and complaints.

Did you know only 38% of HR professionals knew the minimum requirements of the law? Lactation accommodation space must be in close proximity to the employee’s work station. Only 76% of HR professionals knew that state law required it be private, and up to 75% were confused about what aspects of the space were required by law. BreastfeedLA can help you create a space that is both legally and best-practices compliant, even in the most unique work environments.

Human Resource professionals are advocates and experts in our companies for employee rights under the law. In our survey, at least 1 in 12 HR professionals did not answer the knowledge, attitude, and belief questions correctly with regard to lactation policy and accommodation. Employers of every size should have a plan-of-action in place for parenting employees.

Let BREASTFEEDLA help educate your managers and develop policy and strategies that work for your company and your employees. Check out our available services HERE!

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